About US

HS Magnet is the largest manufacturer of cast alnico magnets in China. As a magnet manufacturer, most of our business is with business buyers. The automotive industry, medical industry, motor industry, magnetic clamps and other industries are our main businesses. The guitar pickup magnet business is an industry that we have ignored for a long time. Our main customers are also traders. Therefore, for a long time, some customers will complain about our minimum order quantity request, and some customers will complain about our delivery time being too long. Because when the order quantity is small, production planning needs to be arranged, and the delivery time will be prolonged.
In order to solve these customer problems, our guitar pickup magnets are produced in stock so that the magnets are always in stock.

Because the magnets used for guitar pickups come in different sizes, we will try to prepare as many sizes as possible in stock so that customers can choose more easily. If you don’t find the size you want in our inventory, you can communicate with our customer service. The delivery time for the first batch may be around 25 days, and subsequent same-day and next-day delivery capabilities can be provided. We will prepare an inventory of 10,000-30,000 pieces.

We hope that our operations can provide customers with better services and better magnets. If you have any good suggestions, please feel free to contact us.