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Product Info

 Different grades have different timbre, for details, you can click on each of our grade pages to view the differences in timbre and choose the one that suits you.

Generally, rod magnet is ±0.05x±0.1mm, bar magnet is ±0.13x±0.1x±0.1mm.

For bar magnet, we can use laser printing to print your logo on it, you can click “Free Laser Printing” to find more details.

Order Info

We try to make ordering as easy as possible. Find the item you’d like to order, select the quantity you want, click “Add to Cart”, go to the checkout, choose your country and type in your information, choose “Magnetized or not”, then the system will automatically calculate the prices together, and then you can pay directly.

Find the item you need, and click into the product link, it will directly show the quantity in stock.

This is largely dependent on what item it is. If you need an item that is out of stock urgently, we probably cannot get it in the time you need. If you can wait, please reach out to us and we’ll give you an estimated arrival date.

We accept Paypal, MasterCard, Visa..

Shipping & delivery

  1. Our operating hours are Monday – Friday 08:00 A.M. to 17:00 P.M. If ordering during operating hours, and the items are in stock, we typically will ship within 24 hours.
  2. For the items out of stock, after you place order, we will arrange production first, and send an estimated shipping date to your email.
  3. If you placed your order during the weekend, we’ll ship your order on Monday. Once your order ships, we’ll send the tracking number to youremail.
  4. The magnets normally will reach you around one week, some countries may take 10 days or more, we’ll also send estimated shipping time to your email.


  1. We have high standards when it comes to packaging your order however mistakes sometimes may happen. Please accept our apologies if you have received an incorrect item. We strive for customer satisfaction so we will resolve your issue as soon as we can with the absolute minimal inconvenience.Please contact us and we will have the correct item sent to you.
  2. Although we take great care to prevent any damage to your goods during transit it is possible that problems may occur. Please accept our apologies if you have received a damaged item, and also do not refuse delivery, instead accept the goods and contact us immediately. Refusal may actually result in a delay of the parcel being returned.
  3. You can contact us HERE. Please attach any pictures you have of the damage to the message.  Pictures MUST be included to file a warranty shipping damage claim.Our team will review the details and offer the best resolution to resolve the issue.
  4. Please package the item securely to ensure the items are not damaged in transit. We cannot offer a full refund if we receive items back that have been damaged due to insufficient packaging or are missing from the box.
  5. You will need to obtain a proof of postage with a tracking number when you send your item to us. Proof of postage does not cost anything but without it we may not be able to process your refund in the rare event that your item is lost in transit.
  6. Return application is only valid within 7 days after receiving the goods. If you find any problem, please submit it in time. If it exceeds the time, we cannot guarantee that it can be processed.