Magnetized Or Unmagnetized

Guitar pickup magnets are shipped unmagnetized by default for two main reasons.
Reason 1: Because the fully charged magnet will emit a magnetic field to the outside, the magnetic field will affect some signals of the aircraft during air transportation. Therefore, the magnets need to be magnetically shielded and undergo special magnetic inspection before they can be transported by air. Therefore there will be additional packaging costs and shipping costs, as well as the possibility of being detained by customs.

Reason 2: It will be difficult for customers to install fully charged magnets. Therefore, customers usually purchase non-magnetized alnico magnets. After installing them into the pickup, they use a magnetizer or a neodymium iron boron magnet to demagnetize the alnico magnets.

What if magnetization is required?

If you need to magnetize the magnet, you can choose magnetization on the checkout page. We will charge 5% of the amount, which is mainly used for the additional costs of magnetization labor, packaging and customs clearance.

How to magnetize alnico yourself?

Most users of alnico magnets do not have magnetizers. However, the magnetic field of magnetized alnico magnets requires more than 5 times the energy and performance. The magnetic energy product of AlNiCo is mostly 5.0 MGOe, so customers can use NdFeB as an external magnetic field to demagnetize AlNiCo.
There are two requirements for magnetizing AlNiCo NdFeB
1. The magnetic poles of NdFeB are larger than those of Alnico
2. The direction of AlNiCo magnetization must be according to the direction shown in the drawing. Customers can find the product schematic diagram and magnetization direction on the corresponding product page.