Shipping Policy

All our guitar magnets are shipped directly from our factory, so the shipping time usually takes 7-10 days, because different customers have different needs for product shipping time and shipping price. We also pre-order on the website Several transportation options are set, and there will be certain differences in freight costs and transportation time. Customers can see the calculation results on the shopping cart page.

Free shipping over $500

To minimize customers’ purchase costs and improve customers’ convenience in purchasing our guitar magnets, we have set up free shipping for purchases over $500. However, our free shipping uses slower shipping methods, and we hope customers can understand. In addition, it needs to be stated that customized products are not within the scope of this free shipping.
If you have any questions about the free shipping measures, you can contact us to inquire.

What carriers are there?

We will choose the best carrier according to the destination country. The slower transportation method will be through air freight plus local express service providers to find a balance between freight price and transportation speed. It can help customers obtain goods quickly and safely while saving shipping costs.

Below are the commonly used carriers and typical shipping times:

Track product shipments

When the product is shipped, the website backend will send a product shipping information to your email. The email will provide the express tracking code and tracking link for product shipment. Customers can quickly click on the link to track product transportation. If there are problems with product transportation, our customer service will take the initiative to contact the carrier to solve the problem, and notify the customer via email of the problems encountered, the solution and possible delays, etc. If customers have any questions, they can find us for consultation through the contact information on the website (online chat tool, form submission tool, email, etc.).

Shipments damaged and lost

When customers receive a damaged package, they must contact us within 1 working day from the date of receipt of the package (you can use any contact method on the website, online chat tool, email, form), we will contact you after receiving the information. Within 24 hours, we will compensate the customer or reissue the product depending on the customer’s loss.

When a package is lost by the carrier, we will proactively contact the customer to explain the situation, issue a refund or reissue the product.