Return Policy

As the largest manufacturer of cast Alnico guitar magnets, the Alnico guitar magnets we provide must be of the highest quality and able to meet customer needs. Customers can apply for refunds and returns due to product quality issues and product defects. Customers’ requests for refunds or returns for non-product reasons such as performance selection errors, design issues, product debugging issues, etc. are not accepted.

How long after receiving the magnet can I apply for return or refund?

Many customers have given feedback that when they receive magnets, it usually takes time to assemble, debug, and audition before they can give product feedback. Therefore, we set the return period to 30 days. If you find product quality problems within 30 days of receiving the product, you can apply for a refund or a reissue of the product. If it exceeds 30 days, you need to contact customer service to communicate and handle it according to the specific situation.

Intermediary customers usually purchase through orders and are therefore not covered by this refund return. Instead, you can contact the salesperson to handle it. If some intermediary customers purchase directly on our website, they can submit the distributor application form before purchasing, and we will take measures such as returns and refunds or sending new products through the distributor guarantee terms. Therefore, intermediary customers can apply for distributors without having to consider the return time limit.

How to apply for return, refund or replacement of a new product.

When receiving magnets with quality problems or unusable defects, customers can apply for a refund or exchange for a new product by contacting customer service and submitting evidence of the product problem. Communication is available via online chat during our working hours (Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm). During the rest of the time, you can submit the following form to apply.

    Request Return or refund form

    upload your pictures in zip packages, if your package is too big, please use google drive share link to us.

    Is the shipping fee refundable?

    The answer is yes, if the customer needs a refund due to quality problems, the freight will be refunded to the method you paid. But this does not include customized products and free products. Customized products are not items traded on the website, but are order products. For free products during promotions, we do not promise to return or exchange them.