Account Funds

The account funds is not obtained through recharge, but the account funds obtained through the referral code project. Customers who have purchased our products can receive a referral code. As long as you are a registered user, you can get a short code, but you must be a customer who has purchased a product to be activated. This referral code can provide a 10% discount to users who use the referral code, and the owner of the referral code will receive a 10% reward of the total product amount. These bonus amounts will be credited to the account balance.

What is the account funds used for?

The first use of the account amount is to pay for orders. On the checkout page, you can directly select the account amount for payment, and you can also make partial payments.

The second use is to withdraw cash. This can help our customers and friends earn income from our referral code project. As long as the account balance is higher than 50 US dollars, you can find the withdrawal form submission form on the account information page. We will transfer the withdrawal amount to the PayPal account you provided within 24 hours through manual review.

The third function is that we will provide some special products, services and activities for account funds users. Payment can only be made with account funds.

In addition to the referral code program, are there other ways to obtain account funds?

Currently, account funds can only be obtained through the referral code project.